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2011-06-28 08:24:58 by alexwin

Classical music is good yeah?


2011-06-19 10:46:56 by alexwin

You bi*chez! :( i hate you!

Rule :)

2011-06-04 15:35:33 by alexwin

Many peoples know it ... but noone tell it ... NG ... is one of best uploading community site :) i like NG, respect Tom F. and all peoples in NG team :) ...

Never Kill Bears!

2011-05-09 15:10:36 by alexwin

Never kill bears!

Bear is cute animal and if you kill em Bruce( the guy in mi flash movie with very short moustache ) kill you!!!!


2011-04-03 04:51:11 by alexwin

If you know about better guitar sample to FL studio 9?


2011-03-30 12:15:18 by alexwin

I spotted this review for JAZZA's friend

i ... i know it's long time ago but .... But this brings me to the idea that everyone would have to weigh your friends ... I hope to find at least someone like that who reads this and if you agree, Comment or share this announcement.

Thanks for reading and again sorry for grammar


2011-03-04 12:03:55 by alexwin

Hello Newgrounders ... i doing new album opening ... 2 songs of it going into newgrounds ... waiting please! :)